" A dog is better then I , for he has love and does not judge."


-The Sayings of the Desert Fathers  

Trident Manor Kennels is located on our  ten acre farm in the beautiful mountain community of Alpine, CA.  We are a small  breeder of exceptional Labrador Retrievers of all three colors.  Our love and respect for this, and all  breeds of dogs, drives our goals to maintain our focus on health, conformation, temperament and breeding excellence. We place our puppies in homes of all nature for companionship, therapy, agility, obedience, and hunting. Our adult dogs are part of our family and participate in many diverse activities.


We also on occasion have adopted a rescue puppy and integrated him into our training program.

John is the owner of Trident Manor Kennels and recently retired from 28 years of service in the United States Navy.  He has transitioned his loyalty, patriotism, and dedication to hard work as a Navy SEAL to now pursuing his dream of owning and operating his own breeding kennel and training facility focusing on the Labrador Retriever.  John spends hours each day working with our adult dogs and new puppies in their training and activities.  John was raised on a farm on the East Coast and has a solid foundation of all types of animal behavior as a result.  He has added to this foundation by conducting extensive research and studying many aspects of the mind of the dog. He has built an entire library of books, read and reread, and has sought advice from other successful trainers and breeders.  John's future endeavors include acquiring certifications in all areas of training and continuing to expand his knowledge base in animal behavior.

Diana is the co owner and business manager of the kennel's day to day operations.  She has been a Pediatric ICU Nurse for over 15 years. Diana participates in all aspects of the care and activities of the dogs. Her main passion and responsibility is the care of the pregnant dams. Like John she has educated herself extensively in providing the expectant moms with a safe and calm environment and oversees the whelping of puppies.  Diana also is the main caregiver of the pups during their first few weeks.